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Charro Days weekend features parade, Sombrero Festival

Brownsville’s biggest event of the year is in full swing at the 73rd Annual Charro Days Fiesta continues this weekend.

Charro Days was born 71 years ago when it was organized by Brownsville boosters who wanted to lift their community’s collective spirits during the Great Depression. It is a week-long event that celebrates the spirit between the border towns of Brownsville and Matamoros, Mexico.

Don’t miss Sombrero Fest, which takes over Washington Park from Feb. 25-27. A street party for all, Sombrero Fest includes a jalapeno-eating contest, music and dancers, arts and crafts, cooking competitions and 30 food booths.  Popular rock, country and Tejano entertainers give festival-goers plenty to enjoy.

Perhaps the biggest parade of the year in the Rio Grande Valley is the The Grand International Parade on Saturday. This parade features floats, bands and dancers from two countries.

Don’t forget the big Charro Days Carnival at the Amigoland Convention Center at 325 Mexico Blvd. Rides and fun for the entire family from Feb. 25 to March 7.

For a complete schedule or more information call the Charro Days Headquarters at 956-542-4245. Or visit

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